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Post Pandemic pavement widening and Middeys canopy finally demolished -

A Cricular from the old squares at the Forum .Nothing funny ever happened on our way there.
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Carry on Crouch End

As the neighbourhood tentatively emerges into the sunshine and we all await the new normal, our AGM alas remains on hold, as do so many things – but some actions are suddenly more pressing... 

 Streetspace  emergency pandemic road schemes

Travel in London is about to get very difficult. With warnings to avoid public transport, which is limited to 10% capacity anyway, the number of vehicles on the road could soon be overwhelming. Can walking and cycling can take some of the strain?

With some urgency – and money from the Mayor and HMG – local authorities are drawing up plans now to select streets for emergency pavement widening and cycle lane creation.

We've identified these pedestrian pinch points in the town centre –

  • Crouch Hill – narrowing to 1.25m outside no.147
  • The Broadway – narrowing to 2.05m outside no.1 (this is a high footfall area)
  • Tottenham Lane/Broadway Parade – narrowing to 2.15m outside no.1 (a very high footfall area)
  • Park Road – narrowing to 2.05m outside no.1 (a high footfall area)

But there are many others, please send your thoughts to Haringey at parkingschemes@haringey.gov.uk, or direct to the relevant cabinet members, kirsten.hearn@haringey.gov.uk and seema.chandwani@haringey.gov.uk. You don't ask, you don't get.

 Liveable Crouch End  what next?

Want to see some of the ideas under discussion for the new town centre? Click here for our unofficial round-up version. We await actual developments.

Unfortunately, with 7,000 furloughed at TfL and Haringey's planners in urgent pandemic response mode, will Liveable Crouch End see the light of day? We don't know, but figure things are on hold for the duration. The irony is that the scheme promised exactly the kind of interventions now emerging under a different guise (see above) so perhaps we'll see some of it yet? We certainly want to hang on to the funds – and the environmental improvements. We're afraid Crouch End has never looked shabbier.

Read more.

 Construction re-starts

The Hornsey Town Hall developers are back on site after a brief interlude (image below, demolishing the canopy at the restaurant May 11th). Other numerous schemes around Crouch End continue too – on Tottenham Lane, but also at Oddbins, Crouch End Hill, and on Coolhurst Road, where a campaign has developed to object to the planning application. See petition at http://chng.it/2VCgS9gGJS.

Read more.

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 Conservation update

A bloom of restoration work across Crouch End continues despite the hiatus. Not only HTH, but also the library and the Queens (we noticed that the Queens pub company was in trouble, though the outcome isn't clear at this time – for info. they don't own the building).

Read more.

And finally,
...to all who have recently contacted us and want to get involved with local planning, we haven't forgotten, and will certainly need you when things re-start! At some point soon we need everyone to focus on spending local infrastructure funds (CIL). Do stay in touch and don't forget to comment on any blogs.
The Forum are a local group interested in planning and development, working toward a survey of Crouch End and the creation of policies that can direct the way our community develops in the future – a Neighbourhood Plan – new members are always welcome, no subscription necessary, and open to all. We have 1,000s of people, local organisations and businesses signed up. 
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