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The athletics track at Finsbury Park has been there since 1936 and was upgraded in the 1990s but it is currently threatened with closure.

London Heathside Athletics Club has approximately 500 members. Its activities are quite varied within the 'athletics' context and include road running, cross country, marathons, triathlons and fell walking. A very important part of the Club's activity is track and field athletics, that is, the sort of thing you see in the Olympic Stadium, the 100metres, heptathlon and so on. Given the importance of this set of events it is a matter of some importance for the club that the Athletics Track at Finsbury Park remain open. It is also., in the context of athletics and endeavours to improve the levels of healthy activity in Haringey, an important facility to Haringey, particularly in this, London's Olympic Year.

Regrettably Haringey finds itself in the position of having either to close the track to save money, or of being able to 'transfer the asset' (the phrase in use at the moment) to a viable voluntary sector organisation with the nous and organisation to run the track. As part of the process of handing over to just such an organisation Haringey is currently running a consultation on some minor changes to the Park. If you want to see the track for yourself and to ask more detailed questions there is also an Open Day at the track on June 23rd.

Please complete the online questionnaire showing your support for the changes.

If you would like more detail on the voluntary sector organisation hoping to run the club there is a pag.... Briefly it consists of Heathside (athletics), London Blitz (American Football), Access to Sport and the YMCA (voluntary covering many activities) and Dynamic Sports Academy (sportsman and athlete development). Will to Win are proposed as a future partner to promote tennis.

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