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Piazza Italia's refurb is nearly complete and it looks like the new incarnation is going to be a deli cum cafe. A sign says they are hiring (barista and sandwich counter staff), the shelves are stocked and the window display is a vision of Italian yumminess - biscuits, pastas, interesting things in packets and jars and a 3kg tub of Nutella. 

I hope it goes well for them. A good continental deli would be a nice addition to the Topsfield Parade food quarter.

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Glancing in as I passed by it reminded me of Bunce's from about 5 years ago in the same premises. The Arthouse deli seems to have come a cropper.

It's really nice & airy inside & has tables that flow to an outdoor space at the back. Hope it does well. And if they could replicate Bunces' aubergine pesto I'd be doubly happy.

I went to look at the menu today - seems OK - Italian food not too dear, but the place was closed "for inventory", tho' it seemed totally empty to me.

The place is a bit of a mystery. Not sure if it's changed hands but to have two refurbs so soon after opening is rather odd. Someone must have money to burn. We went there for a bit but found the food rather average and the staff uncaring

Called in this afternoon to ask about dinner but that's only available on Friday , Saturday, Sunday. So still no luck getting in. 'Rather average' might be quite a high standard - perhaps one below 'good enough' - especially if at reasonable prices. Most dishes in Piazza Italia are about £8 or £9. Two courses in Bistro Aix are £18, all you can eat in Saki £16.80. St. James is offering a two course meal for £9.95 before 7. 

On the theme of not getting in, I also went to look at Citrus and Cocoa - which having spent a long time pre-official opening is now closed to process feedback on the first week of trading. If preparation is the secret of success then C and C deserves to be successful.

So we went to Banners instead.


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