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My daily walk to my daughter's nursery is being blighted by having to avoid giant piles of dog muck on the pavement. 

What is going on?  Is it one giant incontinent hound or just a series of inconsiderate dog owners that let their animals foul anywhere.  I have seen plenty of responsible owners carrying bags and clearing up the offending piles around Crouch End but this practice is not being carried out down Denton Road and along Weston Park.

Do we need more bins for dog waste I wonder?  Or some penalty signs?

My day goes seriously down hill once I've trodden in a pile and have to spend time picking it out of the treads of my boots and the wheels of my baby's buggy.

There's also something vaguely ridiculous about having a rant about dog muck, practically in public, but I'm sure it must upset other people too!  This is particularly gross as that thoroughfare is used by a lot of small children and people with buggies so it's not only unpleasant but a health hazard.

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For a long time the dog muck problem did seem to have improved, but I guess the fear of prosecution has worn off, or there is now a new generation of dog walkers who don't understand how much of a problem it is, and that there are penalties for fouling.

However there is some good news just around the corner (next to a pile of poo?). Haringey has just signed a new waste management contract and according to the news bulletin it includes "dog mess picked up routinely or within 24 hours of being reported". My fear is that the whole negotiation has been botched, and fortnightly bin collections are a given


Haringey already has a web page dedicated to dog fouling and a "Street Enforcement" team for Crouch End and for Hornsey (call the switchboard on 020 8489 1000) responsible for , um, enforcing streets?

8 out of 10 cats and 62% of Haringey survey respondents think that dog fouling is a problem.

Any contributions as to how to convert "practically in public" to "on a much loved and well used local discussion board" would be gratefully received.


Excellent info here, thank you.  I might use some of the precious time I have between dropping off my daughter at 9.00 and picking her up at 12.00 to investigate some of the options.  Saw someone else standing in a pile this morning and they were FURIOUS. 

I saw this and decided that it must be human!  The piles were MASSIVE, and there were lots of them too.  Having said that I don't know a lot about dogs or the size of their poos, but I've never seen anything like this before.

What a delight.

The thought of it being human is quite horrific!  I haven't had time to wield the chalk and am not sure whether I want to get that close but will check the state of the pavements tomorrow.  Off to raid daughter's chalk box...
I've been wielding a bit of chalk in the  Harringay Passage after reading this on DIY Streets Turnpike Lane.
I shall be walking to nursery armed with chalk tomorrow, thanks Liz.  Step forward Crazy Poo Lady!
There is a facility on these discussions to insert a photo - if you had your digital camera/phone with you as well as chalk we could all see the problem - wouldn't that be edifying. Then send a link to http://www.met.police.uk/teams/haringey/crouchend/ - maybe the PCSOs could spare a few minutes to investigate.
Even better, the Crazy Poo Lady who takes pictures of piles of poop.  I shall be out forthwith, though in a nod to the loveliness of the day, I may also post pictures of the blossoming trees and flowers. Spring flowers or poo - there's a conundrum.
Not all that crazy perhaps. In this very informative item on HoL Hugh has used a smartphone app to report street problems. About halfway down the page is a Crazy Poo Person picture
Brilliant!  I can just about handle poo with flags in them. 
The Love Clean Streets reporting system looks really good.  I'm going to try it out.  Now for some poo.  Topsfield Parade seems a likely destination today.

I hadn't realised how widespread the problem was becoming. I spotted these instances fetching a litre of milk yesterday. 

Outside 1 Fairfield Road - perhaps not dog - fox/cat


On the right near the Queens





and below outside The Red Shoes




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