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My daily walk to my daughter's nursery is being blighted by having to avoid giant piles of dog muck on the pavement. 

What is going on?  Is it one giant incontinent hound or just a series of inconsiderate dog owners that let their animals foul anywhere.  I have seen plenty of responsible owners carrying bags and clearing up the offending piles around Crouch End but this practice is not being carried out down Denton Road and along Weston Park.

Do we need more bins for dog waste I wonder?  Or some penalty signs?

My day goes seriously down hill once I've trodden in a pile and have to spend time picking it out of the treads of my boots and the wheels of my baby's buggy.

There's also something vaguely ridiculous about having a rant about dog muck, practically in public, but I'm sure it must upset other people too!  This is particularly gross as that thoroughfare is used by a lot of small children and people with buggies so it's not only unpleasant but a health hazard.

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Excuse me whilst I just throw my morning croissant in the bin.  I can imagine dog poo quite vividly without needing pictorial evidence. 

But yes, it's rife and most disgusting.  I think ringing them with chalk with a message along the lines of "Clean this up you idle dog owner" is an excellent measure and one I shall be employing soon.

I hope the nasty smelly tan shoes you refer to are your own, having stepped in a pile. I think The Red Shoes stocks beautiful footwear.


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