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Petition to Michael Gove MP against 40% cuts to Haringey's Children's Centres

A mother has started a petition over on Harringay Online to petition the government against cuts to Children's Centres.  These are such a valuable resource and need to remain. Please drop into your local Children's Centre to sign this if you use, or are likely to use their excellent services or email daisyheath@blueyonder.co.uk





Save Haringey Children’s Centres – PETITION to Rt Hon MICHAEL GOVE MP

How can the Children’s Centres of Haringey not count as a frontline service, supporting as they do some of the most vulnerable children in our country?

This government talks of local choices, but in the case of Haringey Children’s Services this is unhelpful and irresponsible. The local council have been tasked with impossible decisions and are just scapegoats. The proposed 40% cut to the money spent on Children’s Centres is wrong.

We, the undersigned, believe that the proposed cuts and the substantial rise in childcare fees will:

• Destroy the structured and professional early years intervention that has been shown to make a significant difference since the introduction of Surestart in 2006

• Negatively impact on the life chances and social mobility of Haringey children

• Disproportionately affect working women with young children

We are parents, staff and users of the Children’s Centres, as a group we are not affiliated to any political party or union, we call on the Secretary of State for Education and his government to urgently review the impact of the cuts, and to withdraw this destructive policy.

Not all of the damage that will be done will be repairable- please act now

* Yes it is a paper-based old-fashioned petition. The reason for this is that a lot of children's centre users are simply not on the internet. For this campaign to be meaningful, it can't just be the absent-minded click of a mouse. We're aiming to get out there and involve the broadest group of people possible. It's going to take work- so if you'd like to help, email daisyheath@blueyonder.co.uk

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