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But mainly bad on the whole.

The Crouch End CPZ will be extended, and parking charges are set to increase (probably). So bad news for many who have not had to buy permits in the past.

The good news is that the increased charges will be introduced quite slowly, so your first year couldbe at the old rate provided you get in early.


This note from Cllr Weber explains


Dear Mr Essex,

This week the Council will be delivering letters about the implementation of the extensions to the Crouch End A and B CPZ parking zones along with details of how to apply for parking permits.

Information and maps will be posted on Haringey's website ( www.haringey.gov.uk ) and, subject to the weather, the work on new signs and lines should start on Monday 14 February with both zones going live from 4 April.

Many of you will be aware that there are proposals to introduce new and substantially higher CPZ charges: we've been asking Haringey about this. Here is their written answer:

"In relation to the potential increase of charges for CPZs throughout the borough and its impact on Crouch End, you will be aware that all feedback on this matter is currently being considered and a decision will be made by  Cabinet/Cllr Canver in the coming months. Considering this, if the proposed increases are approved we would need to take the necessary steps to issue a variation notice to raise the charges in the Crouch End CPZs. This is not likely to happen until at least a month post implementation/go live of the new extensions, at which time residents would have already obtained an annual permit."

So it looks likely that charges for permits will increase sometime after April - dependent on a final decision on the parking charges review and parking charges recommendations by the Council's Cabinet in March. It might be an idea to apply for permits sooner rather than later to avoid the increases.

As ever, if you have any specific questions about the changes, please email me and I'll try and find an answer.

In the meantime, please feel free to forward this email to friends and neighbours.


Cllr Lyn Weber

Crouch End Ward Councillor
Tel: 0208 348 9796
(m) 07814 238 100

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