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I responded to a TfL consultation earlier this year on the proposed changes at the Archway. So did 817 other people. To quote from the TfL email I have just received "Seventy-five per cent of people who responded said that they did not support the proposed changes."  

You can, of course, guess TfL's response " . . .  we have decided to proceed with the proposed changes. ".

The complete TfL response is available here.

My main concern was that the W5 and the 41 will leave from different stops. TfL's solution is 

"For passengers interchanging between London Underground and bus services, we plan to install a live ‘next bus` information board at Archway station to help passengers make an early decision about which bus stop to use." I do like a bit of life in my information boards, though I prefer my decisions to be correct rather than early, especially when I am interchanging.

So there we will be then.

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