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I'm trying to build an argument for a new approach to online child protection which doesn't rely as heavily on parents being the 'police force', as it doesn't seem to be working. My view is that there needs to be better peer support ie get kids to support each other online, possibly via an online prefect system or 'online driving test' as this is likely to be more effective than our current approach.

At present, a lot of the advice given to parents is that they need to supervise kids whenever they are online. That's a great idea in principle but parents really don't have the time to do this, nor do they want to sit through hours of tweenies talking about Justin Bieber. Anyway, could I ask for your help as I establish the current state of affairs - it'sa a brief questionnaire, takes about 5 minutes to complete. I'm presently studying for a Masters in digital comms with Manchester Metropolitan University but based in Harringay.

I'm looking for UK-based parents/carers of children aged 9-15. Please forward this to anyone who fits this category: http://edu.surveygizmo.com/s3/1139243/Dissertation 

Thanks so much for any help you can give on this important topic

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