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Now we have to pay just to get into the town hall

Am I the only one to be outraged that the people running Hornsey Town Hall are now charging a fiver just for a tour of the building?

This is a space built for the public and owned by the local council.

Frankly I find it shocking.

More details here if anyone is silly enough to fall for this https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/24708/chk/7cfd

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A response from twitter

actually it's not paying to get into the Town Hall, but to have an expert tour of its history and architecture.

David is certainly not the only person outraged by the thought of paying for entry to the Town Hall, but I am going to side with Crouch End Walks, and ANA because I think the way the Town Hall is being run (now, this minute) is the correct way to proceed.

A small group of entrepreneurs has taken on the running of the place, and with a small cash injection from Haringey have made the place habitable. The habitable building generates income. The income pays the entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, 'commercial confidentiality' prevents my knowing how much of the income is left over to spend on repairs and maintenance. Perhaps not much at present, but surely the building can generate enough income to keep a roof over its head.

In which case, I might even take a guided tour (I hate guided tours) to help out with running the place.

Obviously this would be a slow process, and the building would not achieve all its former glory for some years. But perhaps not as the slow as the current process of abortive consultation, botched projects and failure to find astounding sums of money to carry out all the repairs needed all at once. And better surely than employing estate agents to act as 'consultants'

Also, it's good to get as many of us as possible through the door, establishing a connection with the place & forming an opinion on what might be done with it. I've not much of an idea of what actual space is inside, and that's after living here for 18 years, so I'm prepared to shell out in order to be part of the conversation.


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