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Municipal Borough of Hornsey election results 1964-2014

Given the uninspiring prospect of the same team winning the local elections in Haringey yet again (even if it's kind of the same team, because they've disappeared the last lot), maybe we should just bring back Hornsey and send Haringey back to oblivion. At least the winning side changes every now and again...

So here's a list of the local election results we could have had (using the present wards of Crouch End, Fortis Green, Harringay, Highgate, Hornsey, Muswell Hill & Stroud Green, and their forebears) -

Year      party in control     councillors

2014       Lab                  13 Lab, 8 LD, 0 Green, 0 Con, 0 Ind, 0 UKIP

2010       Lib Dem           20 LD, 1 Lab, 0 Green, 0 Con, 0 UKIP

2006       Lib Dem           20 LD, 1 Lab, 0 Green, 0 Con

2002       Lib Dem           15 LD, 6 Lab, 0 Green, 0 Con

1998       Lab                  17 Lab, 3 LD, 2 Con, 0 Green

1994       Lab                  20 Lab, 2 Con, 0 LD, 0 Green

1990       no o/c              11 Con, 11 Lab, 0 Green, 0 LD

1986       Lab                  13 Lab, 9 Con, 0 SDP/Lib, 0 Green

1982       Con                 13 Con, 9 Lab, 0 SDP/Lib

1978       Con                 13 Con, 9 Lab, 0 Lib, 0 NF

1974       Con                 15 Con, 8 Lab, 0 Lib, 0 NF, 0 Comm

1971       Con                 15 Con, 8 Lab, 0 Lib, 0 Comm, 0 NF

1968       Con                 23 Con, 0 Lab, 0 Lib, 0 Comm

1964       Con                 15 Con, 8 Lab, 0 Lib, 0 Comm

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Political debate is alive and well and living on Facebook. 

I posted a note suggesting that it would be a good thing to vote anyone but Labour. In response I got (inter alia) the snippet below. In debating terms, I count that a win. But rather rude to teachers.

Barry Chandler
Barry Chandler Adrian R Essex arrogant arse hole

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Adrian R Essex
Adrian R Essex Barry Chandler top notch political insight , thank you.

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Barry Chandler
Barry Chandler Adrian R Essex let me guess, you are a teacher during the day when not being arrogant in the evenings. Please go away

Yes, I was considering running as an anti-teacher pro-arse hole candidate. Having read the facebook string I suspect I'd have picked up a few votes.

All trace of the debate has now been removed . Except for my snippet. In obeyance of Godwin's Law I think someone mentioned Auschwitz.

Only a matter of time.

Still, we're now in the happy place where political debates are just endless mud slinging fights about who is antisemitic/racist, only to end up with everyone no-platforming each other.

Is this where I remind everyone that Mosley held a British Union of Fascist rally at Hornsey Town Hall in 1937? Perhaps we could just mount a re-enactment? Everyone seems very keen to refer to the 30s and 40s whenever possible. They could dress up.

And I guess the alternate history 2018 result would be -

2018       Lib Dem           12 LD, 9 Lab, 0 Green, 0 Con

Though the real result reminded me just how much these numbers owe to tactical voting in a Haringey context.


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