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Hello, I hope I've found the right place to post this. If not, could someone kindly point me in the right direction?


We are hoping to move to the Crouch End/Muswell Hill area at the end of March. We've just begun our house hunt and have registered with some estate agents. However, we'd be delighted to find something through a private landlord rather than having to deal with agent fees. Would anyone here happen to have, or know of someone with, a 4-bedroom house they're looking to rent out to a nice family (parents and two children, ages 3 and 1)? 

We'll also be applying to primary schools (state, non-religious) at the end of the year. I've started looking into the local schools and it seems most of them are very good. I'd love to hear some parents' views on the quality of education and overall experiences their kids have had at places like Coleridge, Ashmount, Rokesly, Campsbourne, Highgate, Tetherdown, etc. (Personal anecdotes rather than league table details.)

We're also interested in learning about activities, playgroups, preschools, etc for kids. 


And, again, if this isn't quite the place for this sort of discussion, I'd be happy to be redirected to another  community forum or Facebook group that might be a better place to go. Thanks so much! Really looking forward to our move!

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Well, welcome. And I would have said that this is a good place for such a discussion, except that the traffic through opinion8 is not as large as it could be, as getting a site like this going is a bit of a 'slow burn" but of course the more of us who use it the more useful it gets.


Another site you should obviously look at is:-

Haringey Families

Thanks, David. That looks like a great resource.

A perfect place to have this discussion - see here for example about a particular school and just use the search bar (school, catchment, Rokesly, etc) to pick up some more. 

Have you registered with Traynor's, local and independent.

Crouch end is a fantastic place to live, especially with children.  We have lived here for over 20 years and now have 3 children and it has just got better and better.  There are loads of things to do with children - The haringey club does loads of activiteis and there are lots of groups and community centres  childrens centresparks etc so if you want kids football, music, ballet, baby yoga or whatever you like you will find it here! We also have a lovely library and loads and loads of wonderful coffee shops which are kiddie friendly.   all schools in c end are great in my opinion but all my kids have gone to aor are at rokesly whcih is a lovely relaxed school and gets really great results without pushing kids too hard.  More importantly kids are happy there which is what counts for me!  We are so lucky with public transport too which is important right now as my 15 year old can get himself around without lifts everywhere!

will let you know if i hear of anyone looking to rent out house.  good luck with your move - once you move here you will be here for good i think!!

I moved here in 1982 when my oldest daughter was 2. All three daughters went to Coleridge and I was a governor there when the current head (who is about to retire) was appointed. All three have retained their sanity and appear to have integrated tolerably well into mainstream society (I confess that, because to be true Crouch Enders really they should be leading sackbut ensembles, art co-operatives or  illustrating fiction, not working in offices and schools). So my experience is a bit out of date, but nevertheless positive. I really don't want to move away. I now live in a 5 bedroom family home, but truly only need one of those bedrooms. I had been thinking of taking in a lodger or two - could I cope with a pre-school family? Or they with me?

Thanks, Happy Eaters. We've loved the area every time we've visited, so expect to be quite happy there. Definitely appreciate your keeping your eye out for possible properties. Where we are now in West London, lots go via word of mouth, so hoping to get lucky in Crouch End or Muswell Hill too.

Adrian, I registered with Traynor's, so thanks for that link. Hadn't really thought about the possibility of our whole family being taken in as lodgers. Worth thinking about maybe? Or if you did decide to downsize to a smaller place, you've got some interested potential tenants here! :)

I just pointed someone who is looking for tenants for house towards this thread. 

Thank you so much!


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