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Whilst this is not strictly a Haringey survey it is  a survey Haringey people can complete. The Met wants your views on Safer Nirghbourhoods.


A couple of things shock me slightly:

1) the list of priorities we have to choose from for hours of policing which are:

  1. During the evenings in town centers (sic) to deal with the night time economy
  2. During the morning rush hour for schooling
  3. During the evening rush hour for schooling
  4. On duty at weekends
  5. On duty during the daytime
  6. On duty during the evenings

The assumptions and euphemisms are quite dispiriting. "night time economy" means a binge of drunkenness and violence rampaging through the streets! And why should "schooling" require policing. The police deal with criminals not schoolchildren. Do we really have to assume that school children will behave like criminals and routinely set the police on them. Why should precious resources be wasted in this way when there are parents and teachers who should take responsibility.


2) One of the questions is prefaced with "Police community support officers (PCSO) deliver engagement with local communities and police officers provide enforcement." Does this mean that all those PCSOs are nothing but a PR operation for the real police force. Or Does the questioner not know what he is talking about?




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