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siobhantuckMay 18, 4:22pm via Twitter for iPhone

@N8CrouchEnd @OpinionN8 - ok so parking in C End has gone up from 2.80 per 2 hrs to £6 for same. Madness! Will kill business here.


This tweet to OpinioN8 a couple of days ago. According to Haringey's notification the increase should only have been from £2,80 to £3.80 unless the area was also rebanded to become "High" rather than "Medium". Whish for all I know may have happened.

As for the effect on business - someone told me a while ago that 90% of the shoppers in Crouch End arrive on foot. So if only half as many people (say) decide not to drive then that would mean 5% fewer shoppers. Which would have an effect, but need not be a killer. Especially if there is a Farmer's Market to pull in the crowds

On the other hand shoppers are unwilling to walk very far. I went to the pop-up shop on Crouch Hill yesterday and bought two books. I was asked if I would add my name to the emailing list. Mine was the 5th name added to the list - all day. Seems "Not on the broadway" may be a very important clue as to how far shoppers are willing to walk.

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