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Lynne Featherstone's Update on the disturbances in Tottenham and Wood Green

This is almost 24 hours old now, but represents LF's take on the situation at 18:30ish on 8th Aug:

RE: Update on the disturbances in Tottenham and Wood Green
We have all been shocked and devastated by the major disturbance and violence in Haringey this weekend. Anyone who cares about Tottenham and Wood Green, and the residents who live there, will be very upset to see such wanton destruction and violence in their community.
Today we have visited both Tottenham and Wood Green to see, first hand, the damage caused to our local high streets and to talk with local people and the affected businesses.  We met people who had lost their businesses and livelihoods, and people who were scarred and angry about the destruction and violence
All of us are angry and upset by the actions of a small minority. Their actions have caused lasting damage to our borough and put progress made in these areas back a generation. Let us be clear – there is no justification for violence, arson and looting, and the police and authorities must act swiftly to bring those guilty of such terrifying violence and destruction to justice.
Now our community must unite and stand firm together against this mindless violence.
Today and in the coming days, I and my Liberal Democrat colleagues will be doing all we can to ensure that there is a coordinated response from the police, the council and the government so they do all they can to help Tottenham and Wood Green's shops and businesses recover from this terrible damage and to help local families.
Everyone we have spoken to has questions about what happened with the police shooting on Thursday evening, and the police handling of the protest and violence on Saturday night.  The Independent Police Complaints Commission must go about their investigation into the shooting of Mark Duggan as quickly as possible, and keep the family and community informed.  But we must all recognise a proper investigation takes time to complete.
Kind regards,

Lynne Featherstone MP & Cllr Richard Wilson

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I live on the border or Tottenham and Wood Green. I feel deeply let down. Let down by our leaders. Let down by the community. Let down by the police. My neighbourhood is not rich. It's not middle class. But it's where I live and work, and it's where I choose to raise my kids. There was looting in Wood Green well into the morning. Where were the police? I suspect it would have been a different story had it been in a prosperous area - Crouch End or Muswell Hill. 

As for those looters! Sad! It's an indictment of a pathetic materialistic, misogynistic subculture - where to be called "gangsta" is a compliment and bling is the ting. I get it. They feel victimised by the police. Well, they're going to be now. They live in a run down area. Well, now it's more run down. I suspect that when the looters woke up on Sunday owning two or three pairs of looted trainers that won't feel any happier or less alienated. It's deeply depressing.

We need leadership not politics, Ms Featherstone! 


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