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I recently recieved this from Lynne F. Haringey is getting loads of extra money from the government (apparently) as though someone had simply been printing the stuff

Dear Adrian,
Our local schools and teachers work hard to give Haringey’s children the best start in life. I saw this for myself when I first went to school at Highgate Primary.
Lib Dem action has secured £20 million extra for Haringey schools this year – £7.3 million from our successful local campaign for fairer education funding, and £13 million from the Pupil Premium, introduced by the Liberal Democrats in Government.
But despite the extra money, Haringey’s Labour-run council managed to construct a local funding formula which left some schools receiving less money than the previous year.
The Haringey Lib Dems and I challenged this, called for a rethink and asked the Department for Education to intervene.
Under this pressure, the formula has now finally been changed – and all schools in the borough will receive a further rise in funding.
Thank you to all the local residents who have joined in with the campaign for truly fair funding.
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