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Yesterday (25/3/15), it was, the two of us decided to try it, give the new place a chance.

Looking in from the outside I hadn't especially taken to the decor, I think there are too many colours, and too much decoration - I have heard it suggested it looks ready for a children's party, rather than fine dining. 

The food though, was fine. A carefully limited choice to cover seafood, meat and vegetarian for a reasonable price. The St. Peter's bitter in a sturdy 500ml bottle was excellent, and 2/3 course for the two of us came to £27.90 ex tip. I found the service attentive, but perhaps a little hasty. Maybe I'm a difficult customer, there were others in situ ordering a second bottle of wine and lingering over their coffee, but this is not high on my list of priorities to head back to.

The Ham and High provides this picture and reports of a flying start

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I hadn't realised I was in your company on Wednesday! I fear it was me and my companion that lingered - very long actually. We rather enjoyed our lunch and also found the service a tad over-attentive. I shall be back though as I like what Arthur has done for the location and he is a good chef/owner.

I have eaten there twice in the past week, the first night I was impressed enough that I thought I would try it again. Tonight I am a complete convert of the atmosphere and the food, I had a lobster that was amazing, probably one of the best in 20 years of living in London, it was perfectly cooked, tender and the chili sauce complimented the soft flavors of the fish.  They double deep fry their chips (cannot eat too many but they were delicious) plus a green salad with a lovely light dressing.  To finish the meal off I indulged  and had an amazing chocolate fondant with an ice cream that was truly creamy.  Understandably the place was full, I am glad to see it doing so well, the staff are pleasant, Anna the wife of the Chef was ever so lovely and truly is supportive of her husbands new venture (she is a hairdresser by trade, loves her job but helps out in the front to make sure everything runs smoothly). I will certainly be back, I highly recommend it.


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