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Looking a bit S-s-sad on the Broadway - but brighter floral flavours for Crouch End Hill

The s-s-stretch of the Broadway where S-s-santander and S-s-starbucks used to be looks a bit s-s-sad right now. Word is Holland and Barrett will be moving  in to Starbucks, which is fine if you're taken in by that sort of thing. My optician has persuaded me to buy OmegaEye which is a fish oil (omega 3) and certainly my eyes aren't as sticky any more and the arthritis doesn't seem as bad, but , hey, post hoc ergo propter hoc,as my old granny never said.

Meanwhile up the hill in what was Graham Fine Art (still going strong online) a planning Application has been granted

Florist Cafe
We will sell flowers, home accessories and coffee, bakery homemade cakes, etc.
we need A1 and A3 permission too
I am applying for class A3 permission alongside the already existing A1 (mixed use A1/A3)

possibly to this lady who might already be running a cafe in Royston Heath.

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