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Liveable Neighbourhoods, Brexit and the economy must never be jeopardised

An article in the Ham and High has linked Brexit to Liveable Neighbourhoods. Had to happen you might say...


We read that anyone in favour of progressive transport solutions is no better than those who voted to leave the EU. Liveable Crouch End = Brexit. Reactionaries unite, we like things the way they are! Thusly do the battle lines begin to be drawn...

And above all else "the economy must never be jeopardised". I'm sure I saw that line in Henry V's St Crispin's Day speech somewhere.

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But Liveable Neighbourhoods are all built around mini-Hollands, and rely a lot on culs-de-sac, thereby reinforcing our links with at least two EU states. Mind you Holland now has its own population of wolves, which are not simply German wolves entitled to freedom of movement. The BBC has proved this with a picture of a man holding a plastic bag full of excrement . Its the new scientific method: 1 bag of excrement = proof positive. Rather like political discourse.

And how does the lady draw the conclusion that a scheme to encourage the use of public transport will deny her a bus route?

And speaking of Agincourt:

  • Macron. Once more I come to know of thee, Theresa, 
    If for thy ransom thou wilt now compound, 
    Before thy most assured overthrow: 
    For certainly thou art so near the gulf, 
    Thou needs must be englutted. Besides, in mercy, 
    The constable desires thee thou wilt mind 
    Thy followers of repentance; that their souls 
    May make a peaceful and a sweet retire 
    From off these fields, where, wretches, their poor bodies 
    Must lie and fester.
  • THeresa. Who hath sent thee now?
  • Macron. The Constable of France.
  • THeresa. I pray thee, bear my former answer back:
                         Brexit Means Brexit.


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