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Haringey is currently conducting a consultation on the licensing of Private Sector Rented (PSR) property across the borough. Many people think this sort of state intervention is a good thing. 

Haringey say that:

Introducing licensing will:

  • • Help us to work with landlords, offering them guidance and support to
    ensure that homes are safe and well managed.
    • Promote a professional approach to management amongst private landlords.
    • Allow us to more easily take action against landlords who provide poor
    standard of accommodation and whose tenants cause a persistent level of
    anti-social behaviour.
    • Improve the local environment such as less dumping of household rubbish.
    • Added protection for tenants and the council no longer relying on the tenant
    or neighbours to report poor property conditions.
    • Allow us to employ more staff to check that the properties meet the licensing
    conditions, without increasing the cost to the tax-payer. Licensing schemes
    are self-funding.

There are different types of licensing proposed in the scheme, one of which is Selective Licensing. Haringey describes this thus:

  • Selective Licensing
    A discretionary selective licensing scheme covers all other private sector dwellings and can
    be introduced in part or whole of the borough.
    All licensing schemes are intended to address the impact of poor quality housing, rogue
    landlords and anti-social tenants. In an area subject to licensing, all private landlords must
    obtain a licence and if they fail to do so, or fail to achieve acceptable management
    standards, the authority can take enforcement action. Schemes run for a maximum period
    of five years and a fee is payable for each license.

The areas to which Haringey proposes to apply this selective licensing are identified on the map below, having been picked out by a scoring system.

It can be seen that two top ten hotspots exist in Crouch End and Hornsey Wards. This might be considered slightly surprising, since on the criteria provided these two wards score very low, as I've picked out in the list below. The implication of the selective licensing is that anyone letting a property in the designated area will need to buy a license, at a cost of £500.

The criteria applied to determine the 29 selective licensing as they apply to Crouch End and Hornsey wards.

Haringey has also published a ward analysis of the parameters. Regrettably Wards and LSOAs do not map neatly onto one another, but LSOA 34C (the orange section around the clock tower) is entirely within the CE ward and LSOA 28A (the orange bit around Hornsey School for Girls)  in Hornsey.
CE and Hornsey ward scores as follows
  • Poor Housing Conditions - less than average
  • Complaints about Private Sector  Properties - less than average
  • Environmental Complaints - less than average
  • HMO complaints - not supplied
  • Pests - less than average 
  • Noise - up to 20% above average 
  • Fly Tips - included in environmental
  • ASB - low , well below average
  • Crime - below average

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