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Hi there. Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on what, if anything, is happening with Bouga and Honeymoon on Park Road. Bouga has been closed for well over a year now with no sign of activity, while there appears to be one man working (slowly) on ripping the inside of Honeymoon apart. Any news on either? They're quite late units and its a shame they've been allowed to fall apart.

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I've been thinking that for ages! Would be AMAZING!

Another mystery site that I never understand what is happening at, is the large block covered in scaffolding just along from Haberdashery and Qui. It's been like that for a couple of years and nothing seems to be progressing. Anyone have info?

Agree its a shame about the prohibitive lease problems with Bouga site. It's a great location. Good that Honeymoon is being (slowly) renovated though.

If the mystery site is up by the entrance to the mews with the garage then I think it is a council site, which perhaps the extended time scales. That was the place where the squatters found all the secret files.

Yes, that's the one. If they were predicting it would take months to fix up in 07/08 then they really are behind schedule! 

Slightly off topic, but I just looked up what the rent of the old Blockbuster Video property on Topsfield Parade is. They are asking £55,000 per annum on a 10 year lease, with a mid-way rent review. The rates are £8,000 per year.

My back of the envelope calculations suggest that to break even on that amount you would need a turnover around £300,000 per year. Nearly £1,000 per day. Not sure if that is feasible for A1 retail at the moment.

So I think we will be seeing an application for A2/A3 use in the future, with someone gambling on an Inspectors' decision in their favour.

That's a horrendous amount of money. If they're having to deal with extortionate rents like that, no wonder Blockbuster went out of business. Also noticed that the Rocking Chair Cafe on Park Road has mysteriously shut with no warning.

£55,000 for a double frontage is not bad if Cllr Winskill's letter has the facts right. Nearer the clock tower the rent might be £80,000 for a single frontage.


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