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Lack of Crouch End Primary School Place makes a splash in the Gulf

A story about a girl in Crouch End has been making news this week, as apparently Haringey has told her parents that there is not a place available for her in any primary school anywhere in Haringey. Obviously this is a distressing state of affairs - the little girl should have somewhere to go to school - education is compulsory  - Haringey has an obligation as provider and the parents an obligations as parents. 

One of the slightly surprising places for the story to appear is in the Gulf Times which reproduced the Evening Standard story. The Arabian Gulf interest arises out of the fact that the family has recently moved back from Dubai, far too late to comply with the application deadlines required to make this annual admissions process work smoothly. 


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beanobundle1:17pm via Twitter for iPhone

@OpinionN8 Crucial point here: Whilst Education is compulsory, school is not. Home education is an alternative to school. Works for many!

What a nightmare.  It is most unfortunate though that places in Haringey primary schools are totally oversubscribed.  As you know I had to undergo a stressful and lengthy appeal process to get my daughter her school place but I don't envy these parents trying to find somewhere.
This story has appeared in one of the local papers too. That paper said the family is 35th on the waiting list for Coleridge so 34 kids in front of their daughter so I'm not sure why they think the publicity is going to get them a place any quicker. If it is any consolation to them there is more movement in the infant years than you might think so it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that they get a place where they want eventually. It's also a pity that the story isn't checked with the school. The reference to empty classrooms is a red herring. These are for the two extra forms for y5 and y6 which are currently moving up the school since it expanded from 2 form to 4 form intake 5 years ago.
They didnt apply until June or July after the deadline though so you would have thought they would have found this out and tried to work around the situation? And from the article it sounds like they are dead set on Coleridge one of the most over subscribed schools in the borough. I don't blame harringey council at all for this.
I don't blame the council for this one either. I'm not sure it's fair for the parents to blame Haringey for not passing on their application to Ashmount.  Applying for severely over-subscribed school places 6 months after the application closing date is always going to be a risk.

I realize that this is an old story now; in fact it seems the parents have solved their problem by renting their house out and going to live in Buckinghamshire. It is true that there was an administrative failure regarding their application to Ashmount but this was checked out and the delay in passing it on made no difference. Even if it had been passed on at once there would have been no place at Ashmount, as Ashmount already filled by people, some from Haringey,  who had applied in time, whereas they had, indeed, applied after the closing date. In the end they were offered a place at Alexandra Primary School, which they thought too far away.

It seems to me that anyone interested in this thread might be interested in this new one I just started.



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