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Labour has been in charge of Haringey for far too long #FarTooLong @HaringeyLibDems @HaringeyLabour @Haringey4Tories

This picture of the Western Road recycling centre was posted on Facebook yesterday. It shows the havoc caused by Labour's ill advised policy of charging for green waste removal. Clearly the public should not have been allowed to pass up and down this stairway. Thanks to Chris Arnold for the image.

And just to make a nonsense of the term recycling imagine the air pollution and the waste of fossil fuels as these queues edge their way to the overflowing hoppers. Also from Facebook, thanks this time to Brian Bowles.

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I shouldn't worry too much. Once we've made our modal shift to walking and cycling no one will be driving to the dump. I have the vision.

Totally agree. It’s a terrible policy.  Had to furiously lug 4 binfuls to western road on Monday as Haringey only empty the one damn brown bin.  Not used the thing since I shelled out £75 for it.  Pay more and get less.  And discourage recycling.  Skip was overflowing.  Well done Haringey.  Shame on you.  This doesn’t work.

LAST year, the Labour-run Council decided to close one of our Borough's only two recycling centres—on 23 October 2017.

In the link (first sentence) residents are directed, by way of alternative, to use either recycling centres in other Boroughs … or the Western Road recycling centre.

Closing the Park View Road Reuse and Recycling Centre did not help.

It demonstrates the level of real commitment of the Labour-run Council to the environment.

Meanwhile, £33,000,000 is earmarked for a brand new Council Headquarters in Wood Green, the construction of which would impact carbon reduction targets. Negatively.

It's difficult to discern how this Administration is helping residents.


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