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Picked this up from twitter from Hornsey Central library in Crouch End where the unlibrary is based


" - a lovely campaign and great case study in social media driven online publishing "


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What an amazing campaign and a tribute to the what I've long since suspected is a intrinsic force for good in most human beings. 
I have bought cakes from, and dropped cash into the buckets of, children on several streets in the area, collecting for this cause.
I haven't yet, much to my chagrin but then I don't think I've seen the bucket bearers.  Probably too obsessed with dog poo!  I was hoping to get to the Tsunami fundraiser at The Holy Trinity Community Hall yesterday but I'm afraid the Cupcake clan ran out of steam.  Not sure I could have coped with Isabelle's take on Martial Arts in the flat anyway.  Somewhat of a Cupcake meltdown occured last night as it is...


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