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Has anybody tried the Italian cafe' , kind of opposite the Post Office? Can't remember what was here before.  I am not a fan of Spiazzo and was wondering how this one is...

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Had the best iced soya latte there last week.  Very pleasant Italian staff, authentic Italian food and snacks, nice garden out back, felt like being in a real Italian cafe with no unnecessary frills.  Go try.  A bunting free zone, I believe!


Stevong111@OpinionN8 coffee okay, cakes poor.8:10pm, Jun 07 from Twitter for Android

I have planned a rendez vous there on Tuesday (what's the Italian for rendez vous?) so should then be able to offer an opinion

"appuntamento" = italian for "rendez - vous".

Let me know how you like it...

I duly kept my appuntamento and frankly I was underwhelmed. The coffee was alright, but the pastries on display in the window were uninspiring. I once had a slice of carrot cake at the Natural History Museum that made me want to go back to the Natural History Museum. Tuesday's carrot cake did nt arouse the same passion.

I think I'll stick to Coffee Cake down the road which does have inspiring cakes and is introducing some special offers.

I tried the place myself today.  Had a latte, which was OK and a "piadina' with spicy salami, cheese and salad.  This is basically a warm sandwich, in this instance made with a mexican tortilla - the real thing is totally flat and not wrapped, thicker and smaller.  Authenticity issues aside, it was pretty good.  They guys were friendly and it came to £6.

Not overwhelmed by it, but didn't think it was that bad either... Did not tried any cakes as the "piadina" was very filling...

I would give it 7/10. Much nearer to the genuine article than Spiazzo and also much better value.   It did use to be a an Italian deli a long time ago.

Yeah...now I remember!  First it used to be a deli run by a Cypriot lady, then it became "Il Cavaliere" (italian deli).

The Cypriot lady is the sister of Joseph who owns Arocaria. She's now back in Cyprus. Before that, the original 'Bunces' was owned by the wonderful Irish Anna Nandlal - she ran it after her husband died. I remember going there in 1978 with a recipe list which included 4 cloves. I had no idea what they were but she dutifully opened a jar and took 4 out for me (without charge). I loved her ever since! She was a great supporter of local endeavour, especially the original Crouch End Arts Festival.

fyi, they are about to get an alcohol licence, so will soon be my Crouch End preferred supplier of that inimitable duo, a panini and Peroni.  My quarter Italian blood (Carrara) will out!


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