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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

THE new Council Leader (Cllr. Ejiofor) appears to have hand-picked—for his new Cabinet—both former Communist Noah Tucker (q.v.) and previously-suspended Cllr Adje.

Charles Adje was suspended as a Councillor from the Council for four months and had the “whip” withdrawn for six months (i.e. was suspended from his Party Group for half-a-year).

Although they were appointed last night (Monday), the full list—indeed any list—has at the time of writing, yet to appear on the relevant Council webpage, here. May have to wait till the 24th.

Behind the scenes, there is probably a lively discussion going on about the inclusion of these two Councillors and likely involving a vibrant—and possibly even a frank—exchange of views.

One member of the Labour Party (not Blairite/New Labour) told me today that he thought this new line-up was worse than the previous Cabinet.

For more on the lead-up to the four-month suspension of Cllr Adje, I've attached my original Complaint, the Third Walklate Report, plus a transcript of the two-day Standards Committee Determination Hearing.

[if anyone wants me to upload the first two Walklate Reports, that I've labelled (a) and (b), please say. They cover (a) the investigation into the development of a Licence to Firoka, caused by Cllr. Adje and (b) the reveal of the sensational Chair's Briefing Note, that blew the case wide open].


PS. Three #HDV-Cabinet members are in the new Cabinet and all of whom had at one time or another, voted for the HDV. To be fair, however, only one was actively and consistently pro-HDV. Indeed Doctor Elin Weston was so-pro, she was appointed to be Haringey Council's official representative on the HDV Board. And had since April 24 last year, participated in HDV Shadow Board meetings, beginning of course, with a slap-up dinner on that date.

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IN connection with the Licence to Firoka—and the subsequent investigations—I've just had a request to upload the documents I referred to above as (a) and (b) .

They are the Walklate One Report—at the time known simply as the Walklate Report: and the Walklate Two report.

They are attached below (or alongside). If anyone wants to read them in chronological order, they should be read in alphabetical order from (a).



THE Cabinet is dead, long live the Cabinet

(names and responsibilities announced, here).


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