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This is rather a novel way of dealing with dog poo, from the mayor of Capri!  I wonder how the Mayor of Haringey would feel about this little anti-dog fouling technique?



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This story is fantastic.  Only in Italy would this be the mayor's most pressing concern:

 "there have also been unfortunate cases when the victim didn't get hurt but had to throw away some spoiled clothes."

Never mind public health, folk are having to throw away their Dolce and Gabbana!

Islington council has bought a "poover" (an adapted Honda moped). Take note Harringay. Cupcake with her children and chalks poovering along to the Ride of the Valkyrie.  Doncha just love her.  Several steaming piles on Weston Park today. Shame on the owners.

Thank you Ruby!  Hmm, now let's see about getting me one of these mopeds.  I might start my own show "Pimp my Poover" 

Now, must get some shut eye, it looks like a busy day tomorrow chalking up cupcakes on Weston Park...


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