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I've just been to Budgen's - first day re-opened . . .

 . . . it's a supermarket. Quite nice as supermarkets go, there's a bench with sockets to sit at and recharge your laptop as you sip your coffee from the Costa coffee machine. There is a machine to freshly grind coffee beans, and the pork crackling on the hot meat shelf looks quite tempting.

But the really dumb thing they've done is to take the doors off the cooler shelves, so that the goods and the supermarket are simultaneouly chilled. Those doors were my favourite Andrew Thornton innovation.

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Yes indeed Adrian... Doors or vertical plastic flaps back on cooler shelves please. Could save them a fortune in electricity and stop the need for wearing thermals as you go down the aisles. Talking of aisles - I found some of them somewhat narrow. But apart from that it's a good start for the new Budgen's. Does anyone know if they've retained the Veg garden on the roof?

I went today and thought it was fantastic. So light and bright! Amazing the impact of taking out the old suspended ceiling. Waitrose has a real fight on its hands


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