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“I’m from … Legal Services. It’s about your accident”

THIS afternoon I had an unexpected call from a gentleman with an Indian accent who kindly enquired after my well-being.

He then introduced himself in a friendly way, as so-and-so, from the something or other Legal Services. Okay?


I'm ringing about your accident. Okay?


I immediately responded with yes, even though I knew I'd have to spend several seconds thinking of an accident I've had in my life.

Can you tell me what happened?

I was knocked down while riding my bicycle. Fell down on the road.

I did explain that it was while riding home from school. I didn't mention that this was a few decades ago.

No it wasn't another car, my friend was on his bicycle too.

I explained that we had been riding close to each other and he must have clipped my axle.

For some reason, the line went dead.


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