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“I’m from the BT technical department … I need to disconnect you”

EARLIER this week I had an unexpected call from a gentleman with an Indian accent who kindly enquired after my well-being.

He then introduced himself in a friendly way, as so-and-so, from the BT Technical Department. Okay?

Yes. Then he informed me that BT needed to disconnect my Internet service. Okay?

Yes. He then said that in one hour he would disconnect me, for a period of two months. Is that Okay?

I still said, yes. He repeated what he'd said to make sure I'd understood.

I responded, yes, but added—deadpan-like—can you disconnect me in 30 minutes?

He seemed slightly annoyed and asked me to repeat my request, whereupon he made an obscene suggestion (that is also physically impossible), that I would not think of reproducing on a family website.

I thanked him of course and he hung up.

(BT is not my Internet provider).


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