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How did your online Christmas shopping go? Did "Click and Collect" work for you?

I've been trying the click and collect service of various stores in Crouch End lately and its quite a painful process. On the face of it , it seems so simple. Buy and pay for the item online, and then , next day or soon after pick it up from a local store. Potentially more convenient than a missed delivery to your door.

My first experience was with a purchase from an apparently unrelated vendor, but which was delivering stuff to Budgen's. Ahead of me in the queue was a gentleman having immense trouble finding the item he had ordered. I think his situation was complicated by the fact that there was some question over the payment, but the little cluster of staff were definitely struggling with his problem. My case was easier but still had complications as the staff still seemed to need something else even after I had identified myself, flashed the confirmation email up on my phone and shown the credit card I used to pay for the item. But I did get what I had bought.

I haven't collected from Waitrose, but I have overhead a conversation in there between a disgruntled customer and some poor customer services clerk on the other end of a phone. "How dare you say that. This is entirely your fault. How am I supposed to  . . . ?  Well, where are my goods? " etc, etc.

My most recent experience is with Tesco which has gone seriously wrong in many ways.

The order was placed and paid for and marked as dispatched on the status page. But I did not got the confirmation email that it was ready to pick. A note appeared on the status to contact customer services. I did. They said to go round and collect it. I did. The staff in the branch vanished for a while and then came back saying they did not have it, and showing a screen stating that the item was still with the carrier. What can I do? I went home and made further contact with customer services. I think the ideal response from them would be that the order would remain unfulfilled and I'd get my item when they get a delivery. But, no, they set up a stock alert and I have to re-order. Bad arrangement. Today, I got an email saying the item is no longer available. I have sent the following complaint.

This is a complaint. I am complaining about the way my order has been handled.
My order number is Q68GBNYT bought and paid for on 30th December, dispatched very promptly by you, in good time for my collection. Regrettably the item did not arrive, but was apparently lost in your delivery system.
I have just received a note from you (cancelled stock alert) saying that the item is no longer available. This is a lie. A lie, I repeat. The item is available I can see it on your website http://www.tesco.com/direct/karcher-wv60-window-vac/217-7243.prd?pa...
I bought this item. I paid for it. I repeat, I paid for it, you have my money. All that has happened is that you have lost it in your click and collect system.
My proposed resolution to this problem is that you should send me the item, which I have bought and paid for, and which is now once again available from your website.

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I have used John Lewis Click and Collect numerous times for large and small items, collecting from Waitrose.  Apart from an extended wait just after Christmas which although annoying at the time on reflection was understandable, I have been very happy with the service.  I get regular and accurate text updates to say when it has been delivered and to date the goods have been exactly as ordered and well packaged.  I tried to drop my recycled Nespresso capsules into Budgens in line with the instructions but gave up when the staff didn't know how to process them and I now take them to Londis on Park Road who are very helpful.  

I've just used John Lewis/Waitrose for first time. Goods arrived at Waitrose promptly and I received text to tell me. The collection process is a bit shambolic - it's not clear who to ask and there's no organised queue. However once I had someone's attention I had my package within 2 mins.  I'll certainly use again - it's free and more reliable than paying for a courier delivery. 


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