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I've heard a rumour that there might not be a Crouch End 10k this year.

Last year's was billed as the 22nd so it would be a shame for a well established event to close down if this is true.

The reasons I've been given for its possible end include:

  • staff turnover at the YMCA
  • problems with safety as the runners cross Priory Road on their way back into Priory Park
  • increasing costs of paramedics and police to help maintain safety at the event

What has anyone else heard?

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Hi Adrian,

Plans are in place for the 23rd YMCA Fun Run & Festival to take place on Sunday 19th May.  There are always challenges in putting on such a big event, but this is made easier by the wealth of support from partners and volunteers that have made the event what it is today.

Don't hang up your trainers!


Jim Shepley

YMCA Programme Director

I'm in!

Hello there Adrian,


As Jim states, the race is definitely going ahead and details of race entries shall go on- line by the 11th March at www.ymcahornsey.org.uk


Happy entering everyone!



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