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Anyone got any good recipes with honey in them?  We're having a Bees and Butterflies Day at Railway Fields on Saturday July 28. We'd like to provide some fitting refreshements.


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I like to do a tagine with slow cooked lamb, various dried fruits (what you have in the cupboard) left to simmer for 1.5 hours and near the end add chopped coriander, lemon juice and honey.  Cinnamon, turmeric and ginger go in near the beginning.

I reckon this recipe from the BBC would do the trick, otherwise just make it up

Sounds absolutely delicious. I'm going to add this to my recipe book. Morrocan food is The Business.

I love the Red Admiral Pic too. Did you know they come from Africa or Southern Spain each summer. Haven't seen one yet this year, but I know someone who has - at Railway Fields!


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