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HDV | Uncanny similarities: the reaction to Moscow’s Development Vehicle

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READING the New York Times account of yesterday's mass demonstration against Moscow's equivalent of the HDV, I was struck by the similarities.

Though many Muscovites’ housing may be poorer and more cramped, nonetheless, their small apartments are their homes and they are distrustful of the promises of the authorities. I note that Russia's ruthless, authoritarian leader Vladimir Putin, gave the idea a public blessing, but seemed to backtrack last month by saying that

“nothing should be forced upon people, and their rights should be fully respected.”

When I read the NYT commentary that,

A … common explanation is that [the proposal] is a gift to the powerful construction industry. Builders would gain access to vast swaths of valuable land …


Such renovations were often seen as enriching the mayor’s friends. 

… I found myself thinking that, if no Russian oligarchs and/or Russian mafia representatives are known to have attended the big international property fair in Cannes (MiPiM), then they could have been there. I've highlighted parts of the NYT account in the attached, downloadable PDF.


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The Haringey Development Vehicle—while becoming ever better known in London—hasn't yet made the leap to the international sphere, as has Moscow's Demolition Vehicle. It needs a little more time.

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