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The Harringay Arms may be saved, hurrah. But Enterprise Inns have plans, boo.

It's reported on the Crouchending website (here) that Enterprise are dropping the tenant model and putting in a directly managed manager to manage things. The planned business model seems to something called the "Bermondsey Pub Company" (an Enterprise 'operating model' - I recommend scrolling to "great atmosphere", image below), which offers a "meeting house" format.

I'm trying hard to figure out what this actually means (not), though the pictures on the websites appear not to feature the average Harringay drinker. Maybe I'm being unfair (no). Alas, I do know 2 or 3 of their other pubs and the news isn't good - they are all shadows of their former rich selves. Bastardised within an inch of their lives.

Now I do appreciate this may be is a subjective view. After all places like the Maynard do very well, and that seems to me to be one step away from a bar on a ferry. All the best places when I were a lad had art students, aging whores, Russian sailors, and a parrot (Earl de Grey, where are you now?).

Feel free to accuse me of unnecessary grumpiness, and add something positive in the comments. There's a pint in it.

Great atmosphere

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When I  reflect on how I,  and many of my chums, have scraped a living over the past half century, I am forced to the conclusion that most licenced premises are awash with aging whores. The parrot, alas, is no more. Bereft of life.

The best places you used to go to remind me very much of Yates's Wine Lodge in Nottingham, a place where, given the precedence of my own studies and exams, I spent hardly any time at all.

The statement by Fleet Street PR disappoints me. Do we need to tell them about the other spelling of 'complement' or are we supposed to mince in and exclaim "Oooh what a lovely food offer!". And as for welcoming back new customers . . . ..

Perhaps they take better care of the beer than of the grammar. Is the parent  company part of the Gekochte Ei consortium, which takes a very hard boiled approach to the  business.

I don't think I've won the pint.

I've just read the post "Are urban Foxes Killing cats?" on the same website. Very funny. Probably written after getting home from the Harringay Arms.

To be brutally honest, I'm guessing this pub had to close due to poor management.

I was a regular for years before its last landlord came in, who was gruff and unfriendly to say the least. When he first took over, he wasn't very welcoming and was more interested in serving his mates - many of whom ended up behind the bar, barely saying please or thanks to anyone.

Also, the beer was poorly kept, the seats were ripped out and replaced with barrels (!?). Installing and then ripping out a jukebox didn't help either.

Goodness knows what state it will end up in, but I can't help but feel it could've been easily avoided in the first place

In addition to the planning app (mentioned in the other string here), the public notices on the outside of the pub confirm it'll be part of Enterprises 'Bermondsey Pub Co' concept. As mentioned above.

The wreckers are in - I noticed the hammers bashing away through the clouds of dust yesterday, and Bob Stanley tweeted the following picture earlier today. Sad really, individuality and a type of post war interior once familiar and commonplace lost (Swiss chalet, as Bob identifies) to be replaced by something inevitably bland, and probably grey.

Grey, as suspected.


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