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Had you heard about Ward Budgets. I had but they seem pretty low key. I try to keep an eye out for these things but I'd missed them until this week's Haringey People Extra. Apparently money has already been allocated.

Read More about them on the Haringey website.

This is the introductory paragraph.

A Guide to Ward Budgets

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Have just received this email from the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum:

Dear all, the Crouch End councillors asked us to pass on the following message. Don't forget those of you who live in Hornsey, Muswell Hill, or Stroud Green wards can also contact your local councillors...

As you may have heard each local ward in Haringey has been allocated a pot of money to fund community projects. Crouch End has already benefitted from this through the part-funding provided for the Xmas Tree outside the Town Hall.

There are only 11 days left to get in applications for this year’s scheme. So this is a (cross-party) call from your three localCrouch End councillors Jason, Natan and Sarah for any good ideas. Please check out this page for guidelines on how to apply:http://www.haringey.gov.uk/local-democracy/meetings/guide-ward-budgets

And please email your ideas (however developed or undeveloped) to all three of us at:

If 10 days isn’t enough time then don’t worry because your idea can be considered for next year’s scheme. We have £9,000 to give out before 29th February 2016 and a further £10,000 to give out before the end of February 2017.

If there’s an overwhelming rush for applications we can arrange a public meeting and/or online voting system for Crouch Enders to let us know which schemes they support the most. Also feel free to post suggestions in the comments below and let’s get the ideas flowing.

Successful applications must:
- improve the well being of the local community in Haringey, or its environment or economy
- be one off expenditure with no expectation of future funding
- be a minimum of £1,000, for applications from external organisations. (Applications from Ward Members, such as for room hire and printing, will not be subject to a minimum) and
- be for revenue or capital expenditure.

Examples of applications that are likely to meet the criteria are:
- providing access to tools for a community garden or impacting positively on resident engagement
- providing seed or match funding for a larger scale project. For example to help fund the painting of shop frontages in a particular street.
- funding to be used to engage a particular part of the community on a specific issue.
- funding to support ongoing and regular ward or community engagement and development

Ward budgets can be used to fund joint projects between two or more wards providing each ward has identified the project as something that would benefit residents in all the participating wards.

Ward budgets cannot be used for the following purposes:
- Projects that would adversely impact the local community or environment like for example funding a parade for a socially excluded body
- Projects that would undermine council approved priorities
- To fund existing, changing or decommissioned council services
- To fund the mainstream activities of a commercial or voluntary sector organisation.
- To fund retrospective applications (eg equipment etc cannot be purchased and then an application submitted)
- Projects that are political in nature or campaign against the council or its agreed priorities or funding for lobbying
- Must not have ongoing revenue or capital implications
- Projects/proposals that would be unlawful for the Council to support



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