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I get so annoyed every time I hear derogatory remarks about Turkey and the Turkish people as I'm sure most of them have never been there or met the people   since I 'found' Istanbul driving back from Beirut in 1963, I've been back very many times and still have friends there   I almost always travel alone and have been greeted with kindness and thoughtfulness whilst enjoying the food and drink and similar sense of humour    on one occasion, I was taken to a beach club by lawyer friends where business people couldn't understand the fuss about joining Europe   they explained that trade with Arab countries was far more lucrative    I have personal experiences of goodness including the young devout Muslim photographer who stayed with my American journalist friend who was dying of cancer   I'm sure there are crooks and baddies there as in every country but I'm sick of hearing how bad everything is there when I know it isn't

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I haven't heard any generalisations about Turkish people and i'm sure Sally's comments are accurate - there are good , bad and indifferent Turks, just as there are Brits.

However, in aggregate, Turks do represent a mass of humanity with an average Gross National Income per capita of just over $10,000, compared to the UK figure of just over $43,000, and the perception of many in the UK would be that if Turkey joined the EU then many Turks would be tempted to come to the UK, looking for streets paved with gold. (Certainly many Britons take their talents to locations where pay and/or conditions are perceived to be better than in Britain).

It may be a fear of the arrival of economic migrants that is causing an unjustified tarnishing of the Turkish character.

the 'streets paved with gold' is such old hat, Adrian   people on buses, trains and boats in Turkey are delighted to talk to you, an English person, because often they have relatives who work in the catering trade or as mini-cab drivers but I've met students whose cousins are dentists here or, just last year, a girl whose brother is an interpreter in the Old Bailey   for some strange reason, they seem to like the English and want to know more about  us   don't blame the Turkish people if you, like they, don't like their politicians!


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