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Had my first juice smoothy, really good, the owner sure knows his stuff, was able to tell me everything about the various combinations what they were for, they offer an amazing choice, anything from a protein smoothy, to detox, fruit or pure veg or your typical vegetable/fruit combinations.  They also have a good choice of healthy food, have yet to try their food menu but everything is fresh.  Worth a go.

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I've not been in but the chairs add a welcome splash of colour on the forecourt.

The place certainly looks attractive - the brightly coloured tables and chairs outside brighten up the street. Inside the boxes of stock make it feel busy and interesting.

The big blackboards behind the counter are covered with hundreds of options. Too many? I was a bit daunted. There are 19 combinations of juice on one blackboard, and perhaps 10 or more other boards. How can I possibly process all this information? The owner did help with explanations of the choices and we did settle on a hot meal and a ciabatta sandwich, a cup of tea and a 'cholesterol buster'. It was pleasant enough, but the table was rickety and wobbled annoyingly.

Absolutely ideal though if you want to pick from a very wide range of juicy, fruity, veggy options and a couple of hot meals. £12 for the two meals.

I think this is a fantastic addition to Crouch End. The salads are fantastic as well as the juices. It seems busy and buzzy already. Citrus and Cocoa down the road didn't seem to be doing great business though...

Citrus and cocoa has a note on the door saying open may 4th.  probably having a trial run to identify snags.

Oliver Thomas has posted an opinion on Facebook, and been taken to task for having an opinion. For myself , if I had the technical skills I'd add a 'Dislike' button to every bulletin board. Surely it is out of the diversity of opinion that a well argued set of cases arises for all the possible eventualities. As it happens I disagree with Oliver, but only just. I decided to approve of the colourful rather than disapprove the garish. 

Please feel free to disagree with me.


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