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Get yourself up to speed for the Crouch End 10k run

The YMCA 10k run has become a local institution. Not only now do they have the headline event, a competitive 10 kilometre run starting at 9:30, but there are the children's fun runs and an all day festival.

If you want to start, or get back into , running, then this is a good opportunity. Local running club London Heathside offers a structured approach to achieving the full 10k.  There is a small charge for the structured sessions but this advice is offered for free:

  • Start with some gentle jogging at a pace where you can still breath aerobically – this means you should be able to hold a conversation at this pace – if you can’t, slow down
  • Include other fitness activities in your weekly training regime e.g. include circuits/aerobics/swimming/yoga classes. This ‘cross training’ is important for building aerobic endurance, as well as strength and flexibility, and prevents injury. It also gives you variety for your training – you don’t have to go for a run every time you train! Check out YMCA North London’s Fitness Classes timetable for details of sessions at our Fitness Centre.
  • Increase your training intensity and distance by no more than 10% each week. E.g. In Week 1, start with a 15-minute jog and a yoga class, then in Week 2, up the training to a 20-minute jog, a yoga class and a circuit class… and so on..
  • In later weeks, include run sessions of shorter faster efforts or ‘intervals’ – these are runs where you are training anaerobically – at pace where your breathing start to become laboured. This will improve your aerobic capacity and you’ll really start to feel the benefit of the training! E.g. faster efforts on Tuesday evening, then a long run on Sunday.

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