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Well pretty soon, anyway. According to this article in Retail Analysis, Crouch End is one of 15 Budgen's stores to be acquired by the Co-Op in their "Continued focus on convenience".

Is this a good thing for Crouch End? Quite possibly. The co-op food store down by the Ferme Park Road roundabout has many more food customers than use the petrol filling station. I quite like the french sticks if I really want a big lump of bread to fill me up. And they do stock raw meat in their chillers, which the convenience store opposite does not. And the chiller cabinets have doors, which Budgen's no longer does. So the more substantial brand moving to the Town Centre may anchor things even further than they are now, and perhaps create a frisson of competition, which Budgen's, as delightful as the refit was, does not quite achieve.

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Thanks for the heads up. Read the retail article you linked, but can't see any mention of a date.  Do you know when we might expect to see it transform into Co-op?  Cheers

No idea of date. Even the acquisition/disposal is not obvious on the co-op / booker websites

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Vaughan Williams Absolutely brilliant news. Hopefully they will revise their ludicrous prices as a result.
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Katharine Jones
Katharine Jones I spoke to one of the ladies on the till yesterday who said that the staff would be kept on, but the Co-Op want to put in self-service tills. Just gone back to Budgens because I can't stand self-service tills in Waitrose!
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Lesley Daly
Lesley Daly Provided the Co-Op can understand that most customers prefer people operated tills, they could do well.
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Lisa Sliney
Lisa Sliney Glad to here the staff are staying, I always find them really pleasant in there
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Henrietta Garden
Henrietta Garden The staff are lovely there - will be such a shame if they use those awful machines instead of them.
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Gemma Jammin
Gemma Jammin I so think the reason they get I much custom is the parking. I drop in after work for stuff because I can definitely park, pop in and leave quickly. Can't do that elsewhere.


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