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Get fit for free shouldn't be much a draw, should it. Let's face it, if you're determined enough you could do a few pressups and stretches in your own living room and jog round the block. But having an instructor and a few mates might add to the motivation and here'sa company offering fitness classes for nothing.

• Every Saturday
• Adults 2:30pm (beginners, intermediate and advanced)
• Please bring some water
• Look out for the MoreFit Crew


Finsbury Park, Stroud Green Road entrance
by the community centre in the park.


We look forward to seeing you in the park!

MoreFit FreeFit, formerly MoreFit Bootcamp are free fitness sessions held each Saturday in Finsbury Park. We're doing this because we want to provide feasible fitness programs available to everyone in the community. We realise how important it is to incorporate exercise into our lives especially given the obesity issues we face in our society. We want to work with you to achieve your fitness goals.

We will provide a challenging yet rewarding workout that will aim to increase your metabolic rate therefore burning calories and enhancing not only your body but also your mind. The physical (body) results will be an increase in energy, stamina, strength, coordination and balance, weight loss and muscle toning. Mentally (mind) you will achieve an increase in concentration, self esteem and also a reduction in any stress or anxiety you have been experiencing.

Our FreeFit sessions along with continual exercise, a healthy diet and a positive attitude will help you achieve balance in your life. It is available to all ages and fitness levels so come alone or with a friend. No doubt you will meet likeminded people to share the experience. The MoreFit trainers will also be on hand to provide advice on nutrition, weight loss and individual exercise plans.




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