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There is currently a planning application for a sign to highlight the presence of a Subway branch in Crouch End. I think without any doubt the opening of a Subway does not represent an improvement in the gourmet/gourmand/grazing landscape of Crouch End, though maybe it will be of value to greedyguts. If I thought there was the slightest point objecting to the opening of the branch I would do so. Yet I fear this is a done deal. Subway stores count as retail because there is no food prepared on the premises, juts ready made stuff tucked into foot long baguettes, so no change of use is required. No building work is proposed, so no possible objections on those grounds. Even if this planning application is refused, the store will open anyway, and sort out its signage afterwards. For myself I will attempt to bring about its closure by the simple mechanism of not buying anything there, a process which worked really very well indeed for Clinton Cards, the nearest branch now being more than 5 miles away.

I fear these angry Crouch Enders, some of whom have taken the trouble to object to the planning application, are barking up the wrong end of the stick, .

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