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FEC's imaginary planning advantage over other bidders for Hornsey Town Hall

On October 18th 2016 Haringey's Cabinet approved a recommendation to appoint FEC as the preferred bidder to redevelop Hornsey Town Hall. FEC were said to have three main advantages over the runner up (minutes point 6.25). One of these was:

Planning – the unsuccessful bidder was proposing an increased scale of residential new build on the site which carried greater planning risk.

and now , lo and behold, FEC are proposing an increased scale of residential new build on the site which clearly carries greater planning risk.

If you listen to what Cllr Strickland said in response to a question about planning permission, you must draw your own inferences about any sub-text. Mine is that he had a pretty good idea that FEC would come along and ask for two more storeys.

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Risk? What Risk?!

In the same way some pigs are more equal than others—it seems that all risks are equal, but some risks are more equal than others!

If the Cabinet were genuinely and consistently concerned about risk—including planning risk—in respect of the HDV, they would (a) heed the earnest advice of the Haringey Council Scrutiny Committee, whose main concerns centre around risk; and (b) release without further delay, the Risk Assessment, about which the Council Leader speaks so expansively and whose publication the Scrutiny Panel has sought for months.



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