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We have serious concerns about the proposed CBZ Extension to Crouch End 'A' and Stroud Green, because of the distinct possibility of increased parking demand in our road and other roads surrounding the proposed extension.

As it is, we are completely fed up with being unable to park near our home; of seeing car parking spaces being taken up by the likes of residents from the New River Village (intent on avoiding their exorbitant on-site parking fees), or commuters using Hornsey Station.  Also (and this has been a recent development) with parking space being taken up on Friday and Saturday nights due to revellers using "Funky Brownz".
In our opinion what we in Gisburn Mansions and the area around Hornsey Station (Tottenham Lane, Ribblesdale Rd and Gisburn Rd) need is the aforementioned CBZ to be extended to OUR streets as well, say from 12 noon to 2.00pm during the week and perhaps 10 to midnight on Friday and Saturday night.  This would alleviate the parking problem at a stroke.  It is true that there was a council consultation on this issue a few years ago – but the parking situation has clearly worsened since the building of the New River Village. We're sure that if another consultation was conducted in this area the ' vote ' would be somewhat different!

As you can see, we are actually in favour of the CBZ scheme (extended to us), and we know that a number of our neighbours are as well.

Haringey, please please consider this request.... It really is only a matter of time before we get a CPZ extension around the west side of Hornsey Station... Why not now?!!


Tam Neal, Lesley Kennedy-Neal

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Extending CPZs is something Haringey actually do quite well, for precisely the reasons Tam gives. Extending CPZs is a bonus for Haringey. They collect permit charges and penalty notices on those parked illegally. They have a parking information email parking@haringey.gov.uk and a telephone number 020 8489 1000 listed on their CPZ info page. Surely soemone there will be able to give advice on how to get included. This document shows that they have reacted to previous requests. Using Haringey's online petition system might work.

I have received a very prompt reply from Haringey setting out how to go about requesting new/extended CPZs. See below:



Dear A Essex


Thank you for your email.


Please list details of your suggestion for an extension of a Controlled Parking Zone and send them in writing to Urban Environment Feedback, Floor 2, River Park House, 225 High Road, Wood Green, London N22 8HQ or email environment.complaints@haringey.gov.uk.  When this is received, an officer will investigate and respond to you accordingly.




Marilyn Robinson

Customer Administration Officer

Parking Services


I live on Hillfield Avenue and I too have voiced my strong objection to the proposed extension to the CPZ. We are already squeezed on all sides because of the existing CPZs; if the proposed extension were introduced, it would literally make parking impossible. We need the extension to include our area, i.e. that bordered by Hornsey High Street, Park Road and Tottenham Lane. On Hillfield Avenue we have to deal with people parking for St Mary's, Rokesly and Greig City Academy schools; we are also affected by restrictions on Hornsey High Street, and the knock-on effect of people parking around Hornsey train station. It is INSANE that we should be excluded. 

I am keen to gather signatures for a petition, but Haringey have made it difficult to coordinate this by scheduling the consultation period squarely in the summer holiday period. I think an extension of at least FOUR WEEKS is necessary, in order to give residents a fair chance of coordinating and collating our views. Concerns vary: on Farrer Road, for instance, there is the concern that even more people would turn their front gardens into off-street parking (already around 50% have this). Not only is this objectionable on aesthetic and environmental grounds, it effectively means that anyone who wants to hang onto their garden will no longer be able to. 

Haringey, please listen to us: this extension cannot go ahead as proposed! 


Fiona Dunbar

Hi Fiona,

I have set up an e-petition on the council's website (admittedly not covering Hillfield Ave) re. this issue. The link is:



I have also set up a google group called 'Hornsey Parking Fiasco' at:



which might be a good idea to join to keep in touch re. developments/ideas etc.  PLEASE PASS THIS INFO ON TO OTHER CONCERNED PARTIES.  I'm going to be leafleting the local area to publicise the group asap.



I sold my car back in February so I don't have to worry too much about parking anymore but I'd be happy to support your campaign.  I live on Ridge Road and there isn't a CPZ yet but when I had the car, it was usually impossible to park in my street and I often ended up parking a long walk away from the house and had to cart shopping and small children back home. This was because trades people park their vans and trucks all the way down Ridge Road and people drive up and park there to get the train from Harringay. 


I do worry that an extension of the CPZ is a bit of a stealth tax on resident car owners though, on top of what they already pay for petrol, road tax and insurance.  When I lived on the Ladder 5 years ago, my parking permit was £25 per year. I think it has now gone up to £60 a year? Not a lot to some pockets but it would have made a dent in mine!!


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