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The site on Park Road next to Change of Heart (empty a while, most recently a short-lived art café i think) is under refurbishment and set to open as a health food shop called Crouch End Greens. #n8shopsunderrepair

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Life is like a vocabulary test, nowadays, set by Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Is this organisation in fact a political party, like Crouch End Labour and Haringey LibDems? Or is that just an overtone we might or might not detect, what in modern parlance is called 'dog whistle'?

To me 'greens' are cabbage, sprouts, peas and beans, which, back in the days of austerity, when there no bananas in the shops, petrol was rationed and there was no wood to make proper furniture, were what you got to make up meat and two veg.  Nowadays austerity simply seems to mean the handouts are a bit less generous.

But on this billboard 'greens' encompasses fresh fruit. The slightly blurry image inserted in CEG, I'm pretty sure is a pineapple. Possibly a bit exotic for an age obsessed about air miles. 

"Natural Nuts" - I've looked it up, and yes , there is a process for manufacturing nuts by deep frying flour. But that doesn't really make them un-natural.

And "Vegan" gets a place, way down the list. Is there fresh fruit and veg that is not vegan? Or is there vegan that is not fruit and veg? A by-product from an oil distillery that is also edible? Certainly plant based , and certainly not fresh.


Not opening all tha soon. And HOME the coffee shop formerly known as Honeycomb has gone

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Newly rebranded home closes down

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The fit-out is done and the shelves are stocked with fresh produce and dry goods. I would guess it is opening this weekend.

It opened today. It is basically a greengrocer's, much like any other. I think they are offering 20% off during the first week.


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