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The Earl Haig Memorial Hall has a Facebook page and has had since 6th February. The latest entry solicits bookings for December - Hurray! 

The earliest entry suggests work starting in March (2013 that is) but then every project has its problems.

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Very speedy update - there are burly men and many rolls of roofing felt on site.

I've since met Adam, the project manager on site. He perceives no further problems and has really entered into the community spirit of things. Not only does he have a regular cleaner for the forecourt, which has not only cleaned up, but has discouraged further littering, but he also has a programme of daytime events to sit alongside the evening opening hours. I'm sorry I've forgotten some of the things he has booked but they include children's entertainment form Kat's Whiskers (this is an ad for one of their shows from last year), there are to be art activities for children during the day (when no alcohol is being served), there is a connection with Boom-Tish, the Crouch End Festival Chorus will be rehearsing there, a parents' group will be holding meetings, and folk music on Sundays. There is an opening party booked for 14th November.

Closing time will be 11 p.m. 


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