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I am a local resident on Fairfield Road and I am objecting to a license application by Antic Ltd to get a late-night drinking license for the Earl Haig Memorial Hall.  I have started an on-line petition about it - the link is here - http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/no-pub-at-earl-haig-hall/

If you also object please sign the petition and my note is below with more info:

Dear Local Resident

Thank you for looking at this petition regarding the Earl Haig Memorial Hall on Elder Avenue, Crouch End, N8.

You may not be aware, but Antic Ltd, an owner of pubs across London is currently applying for a late-night and alcohol license for the Earl Haig Memorial Hall, Elder Avenue, Crouch End.  If successful, the pub would be able to stay open until 01.30 on weekend evenings and play live music until 11.00 and recorded music until 01.00. 

Many local residents are very fond of the Earl Haig Hall and a local consortium tried to purchase the property from the British Legion so that it could be used by the local community.  Unfortunately, they were vastly out-bid at auction earlier this year by City and Westminster Developments (CAWD) – a property developer. 

Haringey Council has maintained throughout that the property must be kept for community use and not as a residential property.  Because of Haringey’s planning restrictions CAWD are now trying to cut their losses and sell it on to Antic.

Should Antic buy the property, they will re-develop the site as a pub, next door to the Queens on Elder Avenue, a residential street.  There will be an increase in noise and rubbish, especially for residents next door and across the road, and no doubt another pub will have an impact on local parking.  Many local residents have young children and feel strongly that the last thing a residential street needs is a pub.

The council must find a solution that benefits the local community and the hall, but another late-night drinking venue is not the answer.  The council must also spend time consulting with local residents to ascertain what they would like to happen to the Hall.

If you wish, please sign this petition and send it on to anyone you know who lives locally who might also object to the license application.  Alternatively, please write to your local councillor, in this case, Lyn Weber, Lyn.Weber@haringey.gov.uk or David Winskill, winskill@blueyonder.co.uk to express your concern. 

You may also wish to write to Haringey’s Licensing Team with your objection at: Enforcement Service, Technopark, Ashley Road, Tottenham, N17 9LN.  Deadlines for receipt of letters is Friday 28 September.

Many thanks for your help and I’d be happy to discuss further with you.  I will aim to keep all signatories informed of developments.

Miki Lentin – mikilentin@fastmail.co.uk / 07976 793 666


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I have to take issue with this call to arms on many points.

"The council must find a solution . . ." - wrong - there is no obligation on the council to take any action at all other than to enforce the laws for which it is responsible.

" . . the last thing a residential street needs is a pub." - I think there are many things that would come below a pub on a list of preferences, a hostel for criminals out on parole, perhaps including paedophiles. My own view would be that  a derelict building deliberately being allowed to decay and becoming a social centre for indigent drinkers and drug users (i.e. the status quo) is already worse, hence the recent vigilante weed clearing activity. 

"Haringey Council has maintained throughout that the property must be kept for community use . . ." - not so, the council has stated that the building is a positive contributor to the conservation area, but has no view on its use.

" . . . they will re-develop the site as a pub" - no redevelopment is being proposed - the building will remain as it is apart from the internal layout, which already contains a bar for serving alcohol as the British Legion had a drinks licence.

" . . . .next door to the Queens on Elder Avenue, a residential street" - is Elder avenue a residential street, or does it contain the Queen's, a restaurant, a fast food outlet and a launderette cum kiosk?

The emotive appeal to "the community" (whoever/whatever they are/that is) is probably misplaced. When the building was occupied by the Royal British Legion the community supported it so little it was forced to close. After it closed this website published half hearted call to "the community" but never followed through on it. The community group which was outbid at auction could probably have bought the property for well below the £750,000 asking price before the estate agents, desperate for their commission, attempted the auction route. Several bids had by that stage fallen through, foundering on the problems set by planning permission. CAWD have dropped a huge clanger and will probably devote considerable  energy to recovering their unwise investment. 

In these circumstances a well-run public house may well represent the least bad option.

Hi Adrian

Thanks for your email and I think I will see you tomorrow at the meeting with Antic.  I have to say that I disagree with pretty much all of your comments and think they are too misguided, but we'll leave that for now.  My concern and that of others who live locally (some across the road from the site) is that as a dad with a family local residents and the council are not taking our thoughts into consideration.  They have not properly been consulted (or consulted at all) on this issue with local residents, they have not asked me or others what we would like and there seems to be an over the top love for a building which currently serves no purpose.  It is us locals who should get to decide, not some commercial deal between CAWD and  Antic.  It is us who should decide what kind of developments we want in our area and this should not be based on the fact that there may be a derelict building there in the future.  There are 100s of derelict buildings in haringey and most, never get the attention this one seems to be getting!  Further, you may or may not have children, which is immaterial, but as a family man I do not wish there to be a pub on the adjacent street that will cause more noise, more anti social behavior, more rubbish, more mess and parking issues. This has got nothing to do with the fabric of the building, more to do with social issues that will be created or will accentuate if we have a pub there.  Further, the council has to get the balance right between how many alcohol-selling establishments it has in the area - another one next door to the Queens is too much in my book!

And further, yes, you may not live on Elder Avenue but if you speak to those who do they of course see it as a residential street and what's there is there, but surely we must give those residents to state how they feel about another pub joining the road. 

So in summary, I look forward to continuing this conversation tomorrow but frankly I think that your stance is very similar to what some councillors are saying, which once again as I have said all along, has not given us locals the chance to express our views and that is what is important here.


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