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Some perfectly unclear news regarding the pub development at the Earl Haig Hall comes to light:

It may be that locals out there are aware of developments, though as far as I can see things do seem to have been quiet re. the Hall lately (except the visiting surveyor who did "expect it to be bought" by Antic).

However, Antic Ltd (the licensing applicants) are today reported to be in administration!
But that the parent company, Antic London, are not.

Now, the troubled Antic Ltd were indeed the people lined up to develop the Hall, so you'd think that would be the end of it, but ... the Earl Haig Hall has actually now appeared (without comment) on the web page list of pubs of Antic London.


So which, if any, of the Antics bought the place? Did the deal go ahead before administration? Will they have to reapply for licensing permission under a different name? Have they given up and are looking to offload? Max Alderman was indeed the director of Antic Ltd, so is he still about?

Where does that leave us? Will anything now happen?

Who knows. I certainly don't.

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Caterer and Hotelkeeper has published a news item which reads:

London pub company Antic has gone into administration.

The 12-strong group runs properties across the capital, including Balham Bowls Club and the White Hart in Stoke Newington.

Chantrey Vellacott is handing the administration, but said it was too early to comment on the case.

The administration is not thought to affect Antic London, the parent company, which continues to trade as usual.

It will continue to run 24 pubs, which include Dogstar Brixton, East Dulwich Tavern and Westow House in Crystal Palace.

Not sure what the number 12 refers to but the page of Antic pubs that Mark has linked to contains pictures of 21 buildings including the Earl Haig, and a logo for a job centre, a tax disc for the galvaniser's union and a pub sign for The Sun, making the 24 referred to by the Caterer.

Meanwhile, back in Crouch End, there is a group of people applying to have the hall listed as a 'community asset'. If successful this application would enable locals to bid for the building next time it comes up for sale. They would have to pay the open market price, but would be given time to raise the cash. Apparently HAringey have not readily accepted that the building is a community asset and are asking for times and dates when the community exploited the asset. According to the Ham and High Earl Haig article

Campaigner Miriam Levin said: “We are appealing for anyone who has organised a birthday party, wedding, funeral, jumble sale, community meeting or any other regular or one-off local event to drop us a line to help us prove to Haringey that this much-loved building has had a rich and varied community function.”


Meanwhile Liberal Democrat councillor David Winskill said the council was setting the bar too high . . . .

Let's hope Antic don't or he'll have to stand on tip toe to order his drinks

II think I lost my reply. I just downloaded the Land registry form and it appears as if City and Westminster still own the site (the buyer has one month to report the purchase to the Land Registry). Interesting to see that City and Westminster won the property at auction for 1,005,000 but only paid 905,000 according to the Land Registry. Fishy?


An update from Miki on twitter

Antic London@Antic_London

@mikilentinyes, we have just exchanged on it. Looking to re open in the Spring.

Further update on their twitter feed suggests that all they need to do now is relicence the bar which presumably gives residents another opportunity to object?
Hi Betty, I am sure it is going to be just a formality. Why would the licensing committee give a different license just because of different owners? I think all objectors need to be realistic ( I signed the petition last time) so we can't object to a pub being there, but we can press for some conditions (closing time, sound proofing, etc).

Hi folks, the Antic people are plainly going ahead. First, a call on their twitter feed for old photos of the Earl Haig, then - and a clincher - a facebook page for the Hall.

Well, well done Earl Haigh.  Fantastic venue, concept and performances but unfortunately if you can't get the most basic elements of customer service regarding how to run a pub/bar right then I'm sorry you seriously need to get some help before you lose a massive bunch of customers.  Tonight at 11.01 (1 minute past closing time anyone) a very arrogant barman came up to me and my wife who were literally finished our beers anyway and about to leave asked us to finish up (even though there were sill about 30 people in the bar - but it's ok because they are 'with the showwwww' haha) quickly because 'chatting is not drinking'. Whaaaat?  I'm sorry what planet did you just come from?  No matter how painfully cool you think you are, there is no justification for treating people that way.  After the bar 'manager' lady came over and didn't apologise and pathetically tried to justify the barman's behaviour she threatened to call the Police. What for you own stupidity and inability to treat your paying customers with courtesy and respect? Please.

Any self-respecting pub landlord who cared about customer service would have sacked that barman on the spot.


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