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Drug and alcohol services in Haringey

Whether you need advice, counselling, detox or rehab, there are a number of treatment and support services available in the borough. Haringey Drug and Alcohol Service Directory in the attached files section below should help identify the best options for you or someone close to you. All services are confidential and free of charge for Haringey residents.

Service user survey 2012

Every year service users of Haringeys' substance misuse provision have the opportunity to say how they think drug and alcohol services should be developed and run locally. A 2012 survey, which will take place at the beginning of the year, will again give such an opportunity to everyone who is using drug and alcohol treatment services.

You can take part by filling in a form at your drug and alcohol treatment service. Ask for a form at the reception.

The purpose of this year’s survey is to find out:

  • how users feel about peer led services (ie services delivered by other ex or current service users)
  • if they are happy with the level and type of abstinence based services (ie services where the end goal is to stop using altogether as opposed to, say, methadone maintenance programmes)
  • views on keyworking
  • if and how friends or family can support their treatment
  • if drug and alcohol services should be integrated into a one service or delivered in the same premises

All Haringey treatment services are being re-tendered this year. The survey will form part of the consultation process. A summary report with key findings and next steps will be available at your service from June 2012. For more information about services in Haringey see the Drug and Alcohol Service Directory at the bottom of this page.

Guide for family and friends

If you are affected by someone who is using drugs or alcohol and would like some help, this guide is for you. It has information on services available in Haringey aimed at supporting you. You can find the Guide for family and friends in the attached files section below.

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Drug Interventions Programme (DIP)

Out of crime, into treatment

The programme aims to break the cycle of crime and drugs by providing appropriate treatment and care pathways for offenders in or leaving the criminal justice system.

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Thinking drinking - guide for safer drinking and local services

This leaflet gives advice on safer drinking with recommended daily amounts. It outlines the short and long term risks of heavy drinking. Should you feel you need support around your drinking there is also information about local and national services available to you.

You can find the Thinking Drinking leaflet in the attached files section below. If you are worried about your drinking you can do a quick and easy test by clicking on this NHS drinking self assessment tool (external link).

Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy 2008-11

After public consultation, the Drug and Alcohol Action Team on behalf of Haringey Council and the Haringey Teaching Primary Care Trust (TPCT) have developed the Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy and the Alcohol Strategy Action Plan to respond to concerns around harmful drinking in the borough. See the attached files section below for copies of these documents.

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Drug and Alcohol Action Team

Drug Action Teams (DAT) across England are responsible for tackling drug problems in their respective areas. As the name suggests, Haringey Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) is a partnership which includes alcohol in its remit. We bring together senior representatives of Haringey Council, the London Probation Service, the Metropolitan Police Service, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust and Haringey Teaching Primary Care Trust.

Haringey's adult drug treatment plan 2010/11 sets out the main findings of our needs assessment and key priorities for this financial year (see attached files section below for a copy of the plan). Haringey's young people's specialist substance misuse plan 2010-11 aims to prevent harm to children, young people and families affected by drug misuse (see theattached files section below).

Further information

For further information, please contact the DAAT team on 020 8489 6909 or visit other useful websites via the links at the bottom of the page.

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