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A rumour from Facebook

DO WE NEED ANOTHER COFFEE SHOP IN CROUCH END? HAVE YOUR SAY HERE. The old Clinton's shop, between Starbucks & Costa, will soon be transformed into Harris and Hoole. It may look like a nice local Camden Town style coffee shop but is in fact owned by TESCO.

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Kara Manga Only independant ones. Fight against this one people!
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mich mich
@OpinionN8 it's got to be better than another estate agents though.
09:45 AM - 03 Oct 12

Hi there,

If you look into it further you will see it has a bit of venture capital money from Tesco, it's a bona fide place and run by New Zealand brother and sisters. I was initially annoyed being a huge fan of Coffee Circus (well before all the staff changes) and then I looked at their site and recognised the guy who I used to buy amazing flat whites from in Brighton, there was a little coffee concession 7 years ago in Travel Bag and my other half used to speak to him and he set up Taylor Barristas which is amazing. It was the first New Zealand amazing coffee I had and now he has gone on to do this goodluck to him for getting some money to do it. He obviously needed to get some funding from somewhere. He is a lovely guy and works so hard I think they are more authentic than Costa, Starbucks etc and he should be supported. Yes shame about Tesco but not many people are giving out cash to help people these days to support young entrepreneurs. Good luck to him.

I think the general problem is that Crouch End is already drowning in a sea of coffee. I would rather drown in a sea of high end Coffee Circus or New Zealand sourced and served coffee than mediocre chain stuff, but really, we need a mixed economy in Crouch End....and a market out side the town hall!  Oh, and a Town Hall that we can use seeing as how we pay for it.  Otherwise, Crouch End will be over-developed, over-caffeinated and under-represented.  

I was amazed, too. As a homeworking web designer, I'm always in a coffee shop of some sort. I hate to admit that I go to Starbucks but I do because you get more coffee for your buck (when you work from home you have to find a way to stay out of the house on a budget) but I like Riley's and My Kind of Coffee. Coffee Circus is staffed by idiots ("shall we call that £2.50?" - if that's the price, yes, or how about "we call it £1.50" if jovial banter is the order of every transaction?).

I'll give it a go, though, and hopefully it is configured to make it hard for the mummy brigade to get their screaming babies in there. If it's quiet, I'm in.

With Starbucks you get more milk not more coffee if you drink most of the things they sell. At least Coffee Circus know what a decent cup of coffee is supposed to be. I'm not rising to the bait on women and kids and coffee shops but I doubt the plethora of CEnd coffee places could keep going without both the parents and the self employed.

yep, coffee is disgusting .... I have tea. I can make that last for about 2 hours

I have a kettle, a teapot and a cafetiere and a supply of tea and coffee. So I'm not always in a coffee shop of some sort. Sorry coffee shop owners. 

I think calling the Cofee CIrcus staff idiots is a bit harsh. 

I think they are a really nice bunch.

wow...I'm new to this blog and thought it would be a fun way to hear about local events....but this post by Rich actually made me quite upset. I am the mother of a two year old, and we love going to cafes. He has never screamed or run around or broken anything, and I can't help but notice that a large percentage of the cafes Crouch Enders like so much would struggle quite badly without mothers and their children, who are often the main clientele during the day Being a stay at home mother is not the easiest gig in the world, and contrary to the condescending 'yummy mummy' rhetoric we seem to hear all the time at the moment, most of the women I know who do it are on a really tight budget, and often a coffee is a small but much enjoyed treat that is a really nice part of the day....it really annoys me that it's suddenly become so acceptable to be horrible about women and their children. 

It is a pity you are upset; objecting to mothers and babies in Crouch End, if the objector be serious merely shows that the objector deserves a full ignoral.

Hi madz, sorry if I offended you. I don't recall mentioning yummie mummies or being horrible about women and children, but my point is that there are many parents who are not as considerate as you appear to be. Plenty of times I have been astonished that babies are allowed to scream the place down or small children allowed to run about making a noise. It is my preference to avoid the coffee shops that have lots of mothers and babies because it is an unfortunate reality that they can be, and often are, noisy, in my experience.


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